The Light Warrior News of the week.

Coast to Coast am just reported tonight China and the United States have joint operations in the Pacific Battling Extraterrestrial Aliens in underground  / or underwater fortifications . That’s is all they have said about this situation. There can be two explanations One is we are Killing off those Mermaid People shown on the Discovery channel . I really hope this is not the case . Two which is what I believe is happening is the Grey’s / Insectoids that have been abducting people and cattle have been exposed and are being hunted down. The Insectoids promised technology that they never delivered all they gave us was Velcro and the Internet and the laser.  The internet is threatening the power of the Illuminated Ones and they do not like it hopefully we will here more on the Battle later.


   Last week Ben Bernaki approved Q.E.III  which allows the Federal Reserve to create 40 Billion a month out of thin air to buy Junk Mortgage Bonds forever or until the economy improves. Q.E. I or Q.E.II did not work, have you seen the price of Fuel or Food lately things will get ugly for us soon .


  On 9/11/2012 several of our embassy’s in the middle east were attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood . In Libya 4 of our Ambassadors and his Marine guards were Gang Sodomized and Murdered all because Barry Obama bragged about Killing Osama Bin Ladan during the democrat convention 21 times just because he will not run on his record but that’s another story. Today Sept. 18, 2012 more attacks are happening in the Philippines and Asia . Now violence is spreading across the world Israel is about to deliver an E.M.P. weapon turning off the lights in Iran and starting the battle of Armageddon things are about to explode.

The good News is King Jesus is about to Return so be ready to go back home with our shiny new Human Bodies. That is something the Insectoids will not be able to say .


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