Barry and Hillary Lied after an Ambassador and Navy Seal’s Died



It has been discovered that the Obama Administration Declared War on Conservatives way back on April 15, 2009. That was the same day the Tea Party had their very first Protest’s Nationwide.

Chapter II Let the scandals begin

The I.R.S decided to Finally Apologize to the TEA PARTY for sabotaging their chances to put up a candidate for President and saving our country from Bankruptcy and collapse. But really according to EX Sec.of State and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton


We found out today that over 500 Tea Party Organizations were turned down for Tax Exempt status since 2010 while during the same time line there were no Liberal Democrat Organizations  turned down. It was also discovered that all the top Romney donors were also Audited.

After All the I.R.S. will be running Obama-care. Obama put a little Fascist named Ms Sarah Ingram in charge of running the whole Obama-care operation. God help us.

The Next day there were calls to have Sarah Ingram fired, I want her thrown in Federal Prison for life. She is guilty of Treason.

The first complaints about the I.R.S. came in 2011 but nobody cared until the Benghazi Whistle-blowers  had Congressional Hearings on capital hill.

Maybe you heard about the C.I.A. or maybe the F.B.I. was collecting E-Mails on Associated.Press Reporters. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of Brainwashed Tools..

There is much more to come. But for now all we can do is Link Valarie Jarrett to all these Scandals  because she is the one that tells Barrack Hussein Obama what ans when to do it. Oh well all the Fun will be in getting there if I remember Watergate and the Iran – Contra Affair took years to develop. The only problem is we do not have years, Our freedom is being diminished on a daily basis.

In Honor of the 3 Whistle blowers that are Testifying today this is my feature story this week. I am sure the Cover-up will continue.

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clint...

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan National Security Adviser Mutassim Qadhafi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going to let this story stew a little until I found out the Congressional Investigation was being put off until after the Presidential Election. That is not fair to the American People , plus I heard some new information that really disturbed me so I thought I would disturb everyone else.

I had heard stories of Gun Running between Libya and the Syrian Rebels which are just more of the Muslim Brotherhood spreading Sharia law.

This is what the Obama War Room should have looked like on the Evening of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack, but nobody knows where President Barrack Hussein Obama was ? So where was Barry and what was he doing ?

Question # 2 Why didn’t Hillary Clinton Increase Security when Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for it in August ? in fact the State dept. cut security. The biggest Question is Who gave the Stand down order during the Attack ? I know the General in charge of Libya relayed the Order to stand down but someone in the White-house had to be the one giving the order. It was Barry Obama or Valarie Jarret over stepping her Authority. The whistle blowers had no way to know whom gave the orders. Why is the State Dept. allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to spread Sharia Law throughout the middle east and soon the world if Barack H. Obama gets re Elected but I digress. As you can tell  I wrote this as it happened Barry Won .

This is the whole story as I see it. After Obama and the U.N armed the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya then overthrew Muammar Gaddafi and sodomized the Old Lizard and Killed him , couldn’t have happened to a nicer Guy.

The New C.I.A. Chief General Petraeus and Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton came up with this elaborate plan to get the guns out of Libya and up to Syrian Rebels . It involved moving the Libyan Rebels Weapons up to Syria  and trading the Blind Sheik for Ambassador Chris Stevens . I do not think things worked out as planned.

I believe Amb. Stevens was involved in arming the Rebels which made him plenty of enemies in Libya . Just before the attack he had dinner with the Turkish Ambassador and something went horribly wrong or this was supposed to be a simple kidnapping of Chris Stevens . Speculation is Amb. Stevens either knew of the plan OR was going to blow the whistle on the Gun running operation , This would not be the first time something went wrong with a secret C.I.A. Gun running operation ,remember Fast and Furious . The Blaze is the first to report on this I think they were working on the Gun running operation when the Benghazi Consulate attack happened so it did take the Libyan gunrunning operation off the front burner. FOX News is doing a great job on reporting on this but I think everyone is afraid to find out the details just think of all the People that could go to Jail starting with Barry Obama , Hillary Clinton , General Petraeus and that is just for starters . Here are a few Questions that had better be asked by the Media . #1 Who told U.N Ambassador Susan Rice to go on 5 Sunday talk shows and Lie about some stupid Video that no one has ever seen . #2 Who from the C.I.A. told the Seals  to stand down at the Libyan Annex. #3 Who came up with that Lame Video excuse. Blood is in the water this really is fun watching this regime squirm its just to bad 4 people had to die to help save Obama’s reelection.

Update 11/10/2012

This story just keeps getting better and better ,Since  first got on this story Hillary Clinton has resigned, Susan Rice has gone in to hiding Eric Holder said he wants to resign and Today General Petraeus has resigned over some Bullshit Affair LOL….

The reason I am updating this today is because I am expecting Ex C.I.A. director Gen. Petraeus is going to end up Dead before he gets a chance to testify before the Benghazi Congressional Trials. I am sure he is the one that told those Seals to Stand down but Who  gave Him the Orders President Barry Obama perhaps. If Petraeus ends up dead that will verify everything I have said here

Update 11/12/2012

As you have all heard General David Petraeus Mistress Paula is being Searched by the F.B.I. tonight. This just keeps getting better the plot thickens .

I now think Paula Broadwell is what David Icke would call a Presidential Model. They send these Girls and Women in to tempt Politicians and Now Generals to have Sex with them. These Girls have handlers that give them the Orders on who to seduce but all the evidence is handed over to Pindar and Lilith AKA George H.W. Bush and his Wife Ma-Bush  These Two have Dirt pretty much on every Leader in the World  , Now that’s how Evil Runs a Planet through Fear and Blackmail.

Gen. Petraeus was blackmailed in to Telling the world that the Benghazi Attack was because of that Stupid Video ,that no one has seen.  I bet Paula Broadwell had evidence in her house that would prove this and THAT is the reason the F.B.I. is ransacking her House this evening lets just keep watching and collecting evidence of our own . If anybody know Paula’s handler they could blow the Top off of this story.

Update 11/16/2012

Gen. David Petraeus lived long enough to testify to Congress today and Confirmed he was just following Barry Obama’s Talking points when he spoke out on 9/14/2012 surprise, surprise.

Now it’s time to announce the Real Brain’s behind this whole Benghazi Video cover – up …. Drum-roll  please ………………………………………………………………………………………

And the Winner is Valerie Jarrett . She is Obama’s top Adviser and also the one that is having secret behind the scenes meetings with the Iranian’s Nuclear disarmament talks’ This one evil Bitch she is also the one that sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on those 5 Sunday Talk Shows . Now I want  You all to remember

You heard it here first.

Update May 6th 2013

Israel was been bombing Damascus Syria this week to stop Iranian Missiles from Reaching Lebanon and Hezbollah. I think it is funny Hilary Clinton was running a Gun running operation out of the Benghazi Embassy up to the Islāmic Terrorist’s in Syria while at the same time Iran is Running Missiles through Syria to arm Islāmic Hezbollah to attack Israel from the Gaza Strip. The Muslims are playing all sides. We had better be getting ready because after World War-III starts it wont be safe anywhere in the world I bet the Chechen Rebel attack in Boston could also have a Link to this story.  I will keep watching and adding to this story accordingly. I might be able to write a whole book before this story is over.


Light Warrior’s Report 10 / 10 / 2012

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


U.N. Ambassador Ann Rice getting Order’s from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton

Benghazi Embassy Burning

Today in Congress ,Members Grilled State Department Heads on Who Ordered the Removal of Two Security Teams of 7 Soldiers each from the Benghazi Embassy of course we did not get any answers. This story will be bigger then the Watergate break In and trial.

This story proves how much the Obama Administration has been Outright Lying to the American People. On this story alone 14 Military Guards were removed in August in spite of Ambassador Chris Stevens Begging to keep the few Guards they had at the Embassy. Hillary Clinton is the One in charge of the state Department so SHE is the one responsible for the MURDER of the Four Americans Killed in Libyan Embassy . I am really hoping Barry Obama throws her under the Bus just like he Killed Chris Stevens .

Just Imagine all the other lies the U.S. Government is telling us ,Here’s a few I can think of right off the top.

The Real unemployment Rate is 14.9 % not the 7.9 % they are selling us.

The Stimulus bill is for Shovel; Ready Jobs , Not to pad the Pension Plans of all the Government Unions.

I’m going to close GIT-MO. another lie.

I’m going to unite the American People , Unless you are Rich or White or a Tea Party Member or in the Military .

These are just a few of His or Their Lies. I wonder who is going to Stab the other in the back First Hillary Clinton or Barrack Hussein Obama  LOL…

Please everyone add all other Lies you can think of in the Comments or Re-blog section.