Bigfoot vs the Grey’s ?

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Full Ave. of sphinxes

Luxor Sphinxes


5000 Years ago when King Leo and the Ancient One‘s Left, They left behind the Watcher’s and the Guardian’s. Lets start with Sasquatch, Yeti or Bigfoot as he is better known as some type of Ape or Gorilla right. WRONG They started out as Giant 4 legged Feline Tiger looking Creatures ,There are pictures of such Creatures laying on Pillars Guarding the Sun Ships or Golden Cities the Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor is the best Known’. They have evolved to what we see today as walking Upright .

I like to call them Thunder Cats most have Evolved to Human Status as they are the Ones that Guard The Ancient Kings and Queen‘s to this day . But a few stayed in primitive Form to Guard certain area’s of the Earth , They are to Keep Humans and the Dark ones from settling in certain places for King Leo’s reasons. You will all find out why after the Return.

The Grey’s are a whole different story, they are Insectoid‘s from  Zeta Reticuli. The Zeta’s are trying to become Human Beings, When the Original Human evolution deal was made they were not even able to travel in space yet. So when they Arrived the Zeta’s have been allowed to Poach Human D.N.A. They think they are being allowed to catch up with us the modern Human Beings . The problem is their Souls are not strong enough to run a full size Human body ,Plus they are missing the most important ingredient LOVE.  A Human must be conceived out of love and a Child needs a Mother not a test tube that’s why their Hybrid race is Sick and dying . Plus their biggest mistake was working with Pindar L.M.A.O… 1st they made Deal’s with the Nazi’s for Rocket and Other technology then with the MAJESTIC 13. At least they gave you the Internet LOL… and that is why any of this was allowed to take place. It is the Thunder-cat‘s that shot down the space craft in Roswell New Mexico. The Humans at Area 51 were allowed to back engineer the Insectoid’s Shuttle disk.  King Leo Loves it when a plan comes together lol…

  The Black Eyed Children

I have heard stories about black-eyed Children knocking on people’s door’s and asking to be let in and that it won’t take long. Most of the People that this happens to are usually have government Supervisor or Management  jobs. We only have these Reports from People that did NOT let them in so we really don’t know what happens to the poor dumb Bastards that let them in . My best guess is that the Black Eyed Children are actually Adult human Insectoid hybrids and that they want to use these People to gain access to Top Secret Government agency’s. They might be able to control the Minds of these people or maybe just borrow their Keys and Security cards for a couple of hours ‘ Missing Time Anybody. ?  I will keep an eye on this story and see if anything New pops up.

Part II

All the People missing in National Parks

I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and they had a Bigfoot Hunter on that wrote a couple of Books about missing people in the Nat. Parks . I did not know that hundreds of people have disappeared under unexplained circumstances .It does fit in with my theory

There are a few children that were missing for Days and said a Bear carried them off into the Forest. Then cuddled with them and kept them warm and Fed them. That doesn’t sound like any Bear I have ever heard of. I think these primitive Thunder Cat‘s knew the Grey Insectoid’s were in the area looking to Poach some human D.N.A. and hid these children from either Human Mutilation or worse. they might have even been protecting them from Pindar’s C.I.A. Pedophile squads. These are the Monsters kidnapping children for their Satanic Sacrifice Ritual’s. Most of the children these Evil Satanic Cults use are bred specifically for use in these Ritual’s. Most of the Women who give Birth to these baby’s do not know what is going to happen to them , They just think they are using a Private Adoption Agency and the Children are going to Wealthy Homes. What the Mothers don’t know is none of these children have Birth Certificates and know one knows that they ever existed.   I am pretty sure that is what was going on with Coach Carl Sandusky and Penn. State University. Isn’t it funny how the Head Coach was forced in to Retirement then Died a couple of months Later. This had to be a Pedophile Ring operating Nationwide. May God have mercy on their Souls.



28 thoughts on “Bigfoot vs the Grey’s ?

  1. Interesting. I thought Greys were mammalian, since there’s accounts of them either trying to or successfully being able to crossbreed with humans. And since they’re poaching human DNA, are they altering it to better blend with their own? Sort of like using frog genes to splice things into tomatoes, stuff like that?

    • The Greys are just Insectiod Hybreds. They are just missing the most inportant piece of the Human puzzle .and thats the power of love. If you know all the grey storys of abductions the People are scared to death at least at 1st but lack of fear is still not love .

      • I must have missed the word “hybrid” before. Sorry.
        If you know all the grey storys of abductions the People are scared to death at least at 1st but lack of fear is still not love .

        I had thought that, but hadn’t said it (should’ve). How long have they been ill?

        There’s also stories of non-grey–or at least more or sometimes less humanoid– beings making contact with people in a similar fashion to the greys’ abductions.
        Personally I’m curious as to how many of those stories made their way into folklore, producing stories about goblins or fairies (such as the “changeling” myth–I’m wondering if greys ever stole children), things like that.
        For instance, Lilith showing up in the Bible demonstrates that we were aware of the existence of all these beings, but they’re often either relegated to religious figures, myth, or folklore.

      • That’s going to be my next blog, i’m looking for some pics. on Enkidus family . They show the pics all the time on ancient Aliens. Im going to call it the real history of the world .

    • The Grey’s want to become Human , That’s there goal. Your Correct about the Gene splicing but thier Soul’s are unable to Power up a full size Human they are missing the most important ingredient LOVE. Without love in the creation of life it lowers the vipration and you end up with those little Grey Things .

    • That a whole other blog But I was a Stonemason I used to make headstones and it was obvious the head of the sphinx had been redone atleast once I think twice. but I was shoveling my 200 foot driveway and the name King Leo kept coming to me so i searched King Leo at this website came up and explain all about the King of the Zodiac Leo.

      • So, what made you keep thinking of King Leo? Was somebody trying to communicate with you? What was the Sphinx head originally?

      • I have no Idea why King Leo kept coming in to my Head I thought Gods name was Iam or Jesus or Annan or Alla King Leo , What the Fuck ?lol…

      • That would be correct, When I 1st started looking in to this I thought Pindar was one of the Rothchilds and I didnt even know about Lilith all I had heard of was Queen Bitch was the Queen of England.

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