Here is some Ancient Wisdom for Excorcist’s and Demonologist’s


George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.
George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For all Exorcist’s and Demonologist‘s whom desire the knowledge of the Ancient Ones.

If you have a nasty Demon you can not get rid of , Here are a few suggestions on how to get it to leave or cast it out of your client. As you should know all Demon’s worship Queen Lilith and King Pindar  for they are the one’s who gave all demons human form and a lot of other nasty creatures throughout the ages.. If you don’t know that, you are in the wrong business. Demon’s do not fear God since God has no control of what goes on in Hell. What God can do is cast dark souls down to hell as well as rescue the souls of light from hell as long as they can survive the light.  As you should know if you can Trick the Demon into telling you his name it can be banished to Hell , But if the Demon is that Dumb you have already gotten rid of it.

The real Power over Demon’s is knowing who and What they Worship , what they Fear and What they really want and Desire. I already told you who they Worship Lilith aka Barbara Bush aka MaBush and her King George H.W. Bush. If you tell the demon where Pindar and Lilith are living in Texas the Demon should haul Ass to get to its Queen for she is the one who gave them Life long ago and could give them life again if Lilith wishes.

. All Demons want to get out of Hell and to torture all workers of the Light and that is what they want most of all . If you have read the rest of my Blog the Reptilian Demons are not from this Solar System they are from Draconis and the Serpent star systems and they were promised to be returned some day and that day is soon approaching. If you are one of the 200 Watchers you can give the Demon,s some incentive to help its own station in life upon the return of the Ancient one‘s.Most of them Nasty’s all want to be the leaders on their new Worlds, To be one of the 1st ones reincarnated on their new planets will be a great honor, and that is what they want power and Glory and these are the same Demon’s running the show today explaining why our world is so Screwed Up they are a bunch of control freaks..

You can use this information to cast them out.

Pindar and Lilith have lied to their Own People Minion’s. they have con’d them to believe they can trade Souls and Gold to buy or trade their way out of Hell. Pindar and Lilith have kept them from raising their vibration . Instead of copulating in a loving way with humans like they were suppose to Lilith and Pindar tought them to rape and murder young boy,s and then bleed the screaming boy’s blood over a girl then rape and impregnate the poor young thing. That’s the con they have been running . In this way Pindar and Lilith stay in power and can control which demons get reincarnated that’s what goes on at those Rituals it horrible. Pindar and Lilith are going to be dealt with personally by King Jesus formally known as King Leo and Zeus and many other names whenever the Galactic Ruler gets a new Body he gets a new name. I hope this information will help those that need it,

Lilith in Sumaria, check out the Lion's and Owls at her feet

This is Lilith back in Sumerian times, Check out her Bird feet. I guess she was not fully evolved yet.

As some of you may know Witches of the Light and some Mediums are the best at passing Spirits into the light, but some of the most powerful witches are even better at casting Demons back into Hell. That was the reason Witches were created by Lugh originally There are only 3 Queen Witches all the rest of them are Apprentices . One Queen has more power then a whole Coven. If all Three Queens are Reincarnated at the same time and are able to find each other No Legion of Demons can Stand against them. Since we are in the End-times I am sure all 3 Queen Witches are alive and well and of age today .

So Look out Pindar and Lilith and Barry the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse and Vladimir Putin the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse. we are coming.



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