The Meaning’s of Life


Jesus at Mt Hermon

Jesus at Mt Hermon


If you have read my Blogs from the beginning you should already Know your meanings of life. But for all you lazy cheaters out there who do not want to take the time to read all my blogs from the start I have had a compelling urge to keep it simple. I have had a lot of comments to make my stories longer and more involved. What those people don’t know is i could very easily blow your mind if I told you everything all at once. I feel everything anyone could possibly want to know is already in the 15000 words I have written already. But let’s see if I can wrap it up in a neat little package for you. If you think the meaning of life is all about you then you are only partially correct. If you have read The Lion – Lizard wars and beyond some of us have Lizard Souls from Draco while others have Lion Souls from Lira in the Leo Constellation but this is were it starts getting interesting the number of souls from those two constellation’s only number about 1 Billion souls so where did the rest of the race come from ? I have and still am giving this a lot of thought. As some of you may have noticed a vast majority of people need to be lead think of schools of Fish they all look alike and swim in formation those same schools of Fish are now Human and some even vote. You can categorize Herds of Cattle and Flocks of birds in the same way. But for every School of fish out there there is a Shark and for every shark there is a Dolphin. For every herd of Cattle you have a Pack of Wolves or a Mountain Lion. For every Flock of Birds you have a Falcon or an Eagle keeping their numbers in check now just think all those former Animals are now Human Beings. This is why we started out with Kingdoms the Lion Soul would build the Kingdom after the Lion Died the Lizard Soul would move in to take his place and of course the Lizard treated the People Cruelly and soon be overthrown and Killed this is when the Communist Dictator would move in and promise to take care of everyone equally guess what happens next everyone is equally treated like shit and people don’t care about the the Quality or the Quantity of the products they produce and the whole system collapse’s. Guess where our Civilization is right now. Breaking News Vladimir Putin just called Barrack Hussein Obama a Punk and I would have to agree what perfect timing. Putin would be a Lion Soul and Obama is a Reptilian Soul I would put my money on Vladimir. What I am trying to explain is this is what’s Happening but this is part of the lesson. The reason we are all here in the first place is the Lion Souls got lazy and Gullible and the Reptilians took advantage of that. That is when the Lizards corrupted Lilith and she stabbed her own people in the back and both Planets were destroyed. Our lesson is to know who your enemy’s are so we wont get fooled again when we go back to our Home Constellations that is the meaning of life as a Race of people. Another lesson is to create the perfect human being ,My own opinion is the Perfect Human would be a Black and Asian Mix then Mate that human with a White then their offspring would be the best Human this Planet can offer the Galaxy aka watch Tiger Wood’s children I would bet they are being protected by King Jesus and the rest of the Ancient One’s now there may be more lessons as a Race but at this time I don’t know what they are.


  Now on an Individual basis we have many many lessons to learn, first of all I believe we are Reincarnated hundreds and maybe Thousands of times. I believe we can come back as a man then a woman and as an animal we travel in Soul groups you will be the Father then come back in the next generation as the Mother. If you died prematurely you could come back as the family pet just to protect and watch your soul group progress as a family. The reason you would come back as an animal instead of a human is to spend a whole 80 or 90 years as a human being your soul battery must have a full charge and from what I have seen up to this point is after you die you need at least 10 years in the Sun which is Heaven or if you are a Dark soul your Heaven is in the Earths core although the ultimate goal would be for every Soul to increase their vibration enough to handle at least our Yellow Sun . As you would know if you read my other blogs the Reptilians from Draco came from a Red Giant  that is why they have to recharge their soul battery’s in the Earth’s core our earth’s core and a Red Giant’s Sun have the same temperature.


English: Leo as depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a...

English: Leo as depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c. 1825. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lirion’s came from a Solar system with a Blue Sun which is hotter than our yellow sun but us Blue eyed Lirions were able to adapt it takes us longer to Recharge our Soul Battery’s maybe 20 or 30 years but we can come back as a cat or Dog after a short time if we died prematurely we could skip going to heaven and incarnate as the family dog on an existing soul charge. But like I have said in past blogs you carry your last life’s Karma in to our present lives. Here are a few example’s of Karma if a Woman has 1 abortion she will be Doomed to come back just to be aborted if she has 5 Abortions she too will be aborted 5 times. Another would be a Father that molested his children he would come back and be molested by his Father you can run but you can’t Hide from Jesus he is the One in the Sun managing Souls. His Father is King Jesus and He will be the one that returns with his battle Armada and the Soul Ships to bring us all back to our Home constellations Dead or Alive I am hoping to be alive because it will be one great family Reunion and I really want to see King Jesus and the Holy Ghost again. The Holy Ghost has its own Soul Ship and his ship is attached to the Sun Ship he or she is the intermediary between King Jesus the Father and Jesus the Christ his Son. Jesus the Son will be reborn when king Jesus Returns and He will be the One that will be in-charge of the Settlement and mining of Gold and Platinum of the New Earth which is Venus once it is moved in to Earths orbit and the Old Earth will be bumped in to Mars . I was watching a Video or T.V. show on the Sun and solar flares and it showed 2 Earth size Fuel pods being shot in to the South pole of the sun the 2 Super solar flares shooting out of the center part of the sun. This is how the Sun is Refueled and it is also how the Orbit shift will be accomplished by blasting Mercury in to Venus and Venus in to Earth and Earth in to Mars or as I call it the Pool Shot I am not going to tell you why this is going to happen you will have to read my other blogs to find that out.








The Evolution of Giant’s into the Human Race

Akdamar david-goliath

Akdamar david-goliath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osma...

David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After the Galactic Lion , Lizard War we had 1.5 Billion Souls floating around in 3 Different Sun’s . The Clean Blue Sun of Lyra , the Red Giant of Draco system and our own Yellow Sun of Leo. Since all of our Planets were destroyed in the War none of the Races had any way to incarnate. I hate when that happens.

When the war was going on the 12 Kings of the Galactic Council were off in the Sun Ship with the battle armada creating new solar systems and Planets , It’s kind of what they do, the biggest problem is when they leave they are gone for Thousands of years it has to do with Space and Time travel 1 of their days maybe a 100 or a 1000 years for us depending on how far or fast the Zodiac Kings and Queens were traveling . Well anyway when they finally returned all they found were Asteroid Belts where their Home Planets where Oops they were a little Pissed Off after all we broke their planets.

Luckily the Draconian’s and Lirion’s were space fairing races so their were survivors there were Draconian’s and Lirion’s stranded all over the galaxy. When their home planets were destroyed they had noway to repair or Refuel their ships They volunteered to come to a new Planet that was created by their war and start over. As you may have guessed already that New Planet was Earth. From what I can tell the Lirion’s settled Sumeria and the Draconian’s settled in South America Peru.  Everything was going Well for a while but Lions and Lizards are going to fight eventually. There was another War you might have heard of it the

MAHA B HA RATA  after that war there was no more Lirians or Draconian’s only Giant Humans and a few other smaller semi human races around that time Egypt was settled that’s when the Zodiac Kings decided to come down to inspect the Gold mining operations they found the Human Females very attractive and promptly had Sex with them even Giant Human Females were the Hottest thing in the Galaxy. That’s when all those half human half animal Demigods were born. These were the children of the Zodiac Kings these children were then to mate with each other which created the Giant Humans  Check out the Picture on top

First there where the Black Haired Giants which were killed off by Lugh‘s Red Headed Giants with two rows of teeth and Six fingers and six toes. The Native American Indian’s eventually killed off the last of them just a few hundred years ago. The last of their remains were found in a cave in the Southwest United States and are hidden away in a cabinet in the back of a Museum .

From there we all know the story of David and Goliath further improvement of the Human race . All the death and destruction from war and disease just made our Race the strongest in the Galaxy.

I’m going to stop here for Now , Much more will; be revealed.