The Ultimate War, the MAGI vs the ILLUMINATI through Time


Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

kama sutra

kama sutra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This War has been going on for many Millenniums it began after the Zodiac Kings left their Hybrid children behind after the Nephelium Trials aboard the Sun ship. They were originally known as the Fallen Ones or the Watchers. As you may have read the Children and some of the crew members of the Ancient One‘s fell in Love with many of the Newly Upgraded Human Females. These Watchers were Giant‘s and weren’t quite human yet some may have had wings still and animal face’s but the humans thought of these creatures as Gods and worshiped them as we worship Rock stars today some girls were raised from birth just to make Love to these creatures some had giant Cocks it would surly be painful for the women to have these huge penis’ inserted in to Vagina this is why the Hindu‘s Kama Sutra was created and it also explains what all those temples were for and what all those strange hybrid animal human carvings were all about. This is also why there had to be the Great flood of Gilgamesh happened the off spring of these mating were more animal then human , I think some of these creatures are what we call Demon’s instead of continuing to have sex with Humans they had sex with each other creating thing like Dragons and Trolls it is one thing to insert your D.N.A. in to the New Human Race it is another to create a new species of monsters and polluting the D.N.A. of the ancient One’s new race of children. I think when the Ancient Ones returned and saw what their own children had done they caused a pole shift and flooded the planet. If you are aware of the story of Gilgamesh he saved the people whom had stayed true to the intentions of the God’s these humans were also giants ranging from 15 feet down to 4 foot tall and

Kama Sutra Illustration

Kama Sutra Illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this would be the blood line’s that evolved together until the the flood of Noah that’ right the Human Race had to be purged twice of polluted D.N.A..

The Soul’s of Pindar and Lilith were responsible Both times for the Polluted D.N.A. they are also the Ones that took over and corrupted the Illuminati. The Original Founders were good People with pure intentions the dark ones are not capable of creating anything of their own that is one of the reasons they have been allowed to take over and run this planet. Pindar and his Evil buddies are supposed to learn how to run their own civilizations when and If they will ever be brought back home to their own Constellation of Draco but I think they are not done learning yet.

  Now as for the Leaders of the Magi they have had many names Gilgamesh was one Apollo son of Zeus was another Lugh bringer of the Light was one Jesus Christ was one of the last Leaders of the Magi he learned a lot of what he knew from King Entieikus the 1st, Alexander the Great was one. There have been several different ones in the last 2000 years I am not a history scholar but any man or woman that made the history books for a good and Noble reason were Magi . George Washington had to be one along with most of the other Freemasons that signed the Declaration of Independence . General Patton  and General MacArthur were also Magi leaders it seems they have a tendency to reincarnate together. When ever Evil and Tyranny needs to be defeated the Magi show up . The biggest problem now is Pindar and Lilith have learned how to control and corrupt or Destroy most of the Modern Day Magi . Just for a couple of examples Look at what they did to Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Herman Cain. The few of us that are left is only because we were able to fly under the Radar we were just trouble makers whom dropped out of the main stream Rat race and this is were it gets interesting.

Secrets of the MAGI

  With the invention of the Internet and Digital technology the Magi can be more powerful then ever before. Have any of you ever noticed on the T.V. News when they get a picture of a really disgusting criminal or Terrorist the Network will put up a large still digital photograph of the Perpetrator on the television screen. That is so everyone watching will put there own negative intentions on them. As you may or may not know the root word of Magic came from the word Magi. If you really want to increase the power of your intentions find a popular website or chat room and type out your spell and or Intention and the power of that spell or intention will be increased every time it is read by someone if you do not believe me just try it and find out for yourself. Another secret is a Magi spell will only work if you are trying to help someone else out or increase the positive vibration of the planet. If you are trying to increase your own wealth or Health it will just boomerang on you and increase your health or wealth problems. Anything else for revenge or curses is Black Magic and will blow up in your face 10 fold. One of the most important things to know is you can use the Dark One’s own demon’s against them remember what I said about evil intentions coming back on you 10 fold ,Well Pindar and Lilith lied to the same Demons they helped create they trapped them in limbo because Pindar told them not to have sex with human’s so they can never be reincarnated as humans that’s why the Devil has Ram horns Pindar and Lilith told them that they would become the new Human Race it sucks to be them. The Demon’s know their only hope is when King Jesus Returns his Soul ship is the only way they can be transported back home to their own home planets were they can finally be reincarnated as a living being again they still might not want to be human but they in incarnate as a Reptilian or Giant snake or what ever Insectoid they started out as

  So who is running this Worldwide Chicken shit Operation Anyway

As of today  June  6, 2013  I believe Pindar is George H.W. Bush and ruler of the Illuminati his Wife Barbara Bush is Lilith aka Mabus is Ma-Bush when she dies everything will collapse . The two main People destroying the United States as we know it are Valerie Jarrett the Brains of the Obama Administration she is the One responsible for the Benghazi and  I.R.S  scandals along with Homeland Security Spying on the American people through Verizon and Facebook and Google social networks. Robert Gibbs former White-house press secretary has been the one that destroyed Facebook and is one of the players that allowed all of these scandals to happen by lying on a daily basis to the American People. After Robert Gibbs quit his Press Secretary job he joined the Board of Directors of Facebook were first began collecting information on the Tea Party and giving it to the I.R.S.then killed Facebook by getting rid of the Discussion Boards  and then changing the format to that Timeline Bullshit but that is a whole other story .

I am sure I will keep adding to this story but for now go out and try a little Magi magic of your own and see if you can throw a monkey wrench in to the Plans of the Illuminati.                  


When do you Believe King Jesus will return


English: Stained glass panel in the transept o...

English: Stained glass panel in the transept of St. John’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales (NSW). This scene illustrates Jesus reigning as King on high. The window is approximately 1m in diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Return of the King (Robin Hood)

The Return of the King (Robin Hood) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just for Fun I wanted to know what you all think about the Return of the King.

I was also wondering if there is anything else I could write about that I haven’t thought of yet.

Witness the Return of the Ancient One’s


This is King Jesus‘s Energy Ship. In addition to increasing the Love Force Energy this ship is Preparing for the Soon to come Orbit shift from happening prematurely


I call this the Awakening Prayer

Queen Lilith and King Pindar‘s 1st Deception was defacing the Sphinx.


Focus on the Winged Lirion’s and Lion’s above the Lost ARK..

Sumarian Lost Ark

Hailing King Leo.

Oh Crap I lost my Wings, But at least I can walk upright

The True Face of the Sphinx

The Lion Men of Mo-ab , The Jaguar God’s of South America , The Sphinx . King Leo is the 1st King the original name for the Sphinx.  You really don’t think the missing Link is a Monkey do you.

It may take a couple of day’s to sink in. When You start to feel a tingling in the back of your head and your foot starts moving this means you are remembering, that’s when you need to start typing or writing and see what comes out, it could be the next great American Novel.

I believe I have a connection to the Tuatha Danann ‘s Leader  Lugh ,bringer of the Light and Master of skills.  I already had written this whole story down on Facebook ,it had taken me 3 months , It has all been Hidden or Deleted  and I was blocked from the web page so I know I hit a nerve . So The Lost Book of Daniel is already written and floating around out There in Cyberspace. It will be impossible for me to reproduce the original because when I started it I didn’t know who I was looking for .The Antichrist aka Pindar, was  thought to be Grandpa Rothschild and Queen Bitch was the Queen of England according to David Icke and Arizona Wilder, but  I found out this is not the case. I thought George H.W. Bush was a minor Player but I was wrong, Then I realized Mabus is Ma-Bush aka, Lilith the Old Demon Creator herself . All the pieces of the puzzle were out there and no one could put them together correctly because through the Millenniums all the Clues of our origins have been distorted or just plainly Erased from history.The Head on the Sphinx has been re carved twice. Pindar had thought the Riddle of the Sphinx had been hidden forever.I really thought all hope was lost.

I was behind the Rise of Herman Cain it would have been a cake  walk  to save the United States, then the Bimbo walk began  and Newt Gingrich took his place that’s when I knew the Antichrist was in Charge. Here’s a list of my past candidates Dino Rossi , Sarah Palin , Joe Miller then Herman Cain and Finally Rick Santorum any one of them could have changed the path of this Country.

Our country is not in this mess because of conservative ideas .

I Awakened on Dec. 16,  2011. I was shoveling 6 inches of snow off my 200 foot driveway , the temperature was -20 below 0 and I was wondering what the sphinx’s real name was.

I was shocked when the name King Leo kept being Whispered into my right Ear. When I finished Shoveling Snow ,I came inside the House and searched the web for King Leo and found this Facebook site and started typing, and I still haven’t stopped. I was shocked at what came out of me. I thought I could be crazy, but I thought what the Hell if the soul ships and the Battle Armada  do not show up this would still be a great Book or movie Script or TV show

The only guy left was Rick Santorum and he was at 1% in IOWA when I got on board. I knew the Dark one’s would Hate His Gut’s and Spare no expense to stop him .LOL Man did I call that one I’ve Got Adelson and Romney spend Millions to stop Rick Santorum but that is all part of the Final Battle.

6 Billion 66 Hundred Million That’s the Number of the People that will be Returning to the  12 Zodiac Constellations I hope,

King Jesus’s Sun Ships and Transport Vessels could be landing at the Ancient Sites or could be Orbiting Earth but will stay cloaked until the Soul Ship Arrives.

Everyone on this Planet will see the Soul Ship approaching Earth as it Arrives and removes the Souls of all the Dark Reptilian’s  in their Heaven ,which We call Hell. they were all left here after the Galactic Wars. We destroyed 2 Planets total 1 reptilian and 1 Lirion .

The Lion’s and the Lizard’s have been fighting for Thousands of years and that’s how we  all ended up here on planet earth. We have the D.N.A. of every Intelligent Being and animal in this Galaxy we are the Finished product of thousands of years of guided Evolution.

Soon the Students will become the Teachers ,and our Children will rule the Galaxy.

PART II   A message for Lilith and Pindar

There is a Battle Armada approaching  and I’m not kidding .This message is mainly meant for Pindar and Lilith since they have launched their Mosquito Fleet they had back engineered from all the Insectoid’s Crap that crashed in Roswell . ALL of your Fighter pilots have been captured and your Attack Ships have all been Destroyed. The Human Souls will be the Demon’s on New Draconis  or what ever you all decide to call your New Planet LOL…Since Lilith and Pindar have done nothing to help in our Return  King Jesus has sent and Energy Ship to Orbit Mercury and as of Dec. 16, 2011 has been ordered to increase the Love Force Energy Gradually  and will be increased to intolerable amounts for all the Dark Souls on our Planet. It won’t be much longer until most of you can not concentrate at all. The day after the soul ship arrives to remove all the Dark souls from hell  all world Leaders  Report to the Temple Mount for New Planet assignment. If they refuse they will be left behind on a dying planet to Rot for a 1000 years it will do no good to hide underground.

Since Pindar and Lilith has decided not to help and prepare for the Harvest. A sonic beam will radiate from the circling Sun Ship that will crumble all structures the Dark Ones have built above and below ground  it will do no good to hide in your bunkers, but feel free to try lol…

 As for  King Jesus and the other Zodiac Kings and Queens  they will Return on the 3rd day to Judge where everyone will be going and afterwards there shall be the biggest celebration Earth has seen in 5000 years it will be worth the long wait.

If the Dark Ones continue to Worship The New World Order and the Illuminati be prepared for a thousand Years of Shear Hell . You will wish for The Road meets The Book of Eli meets Mad Max would be Heaven compared for those who are left behind.

 More will be revealed.

Bigfoot vs the Grey’s ?

Check out the Feet on this Guy


Full Ave. of sphinxes

Luxor Sphinxes


5000 Years ago when King Leo and the Ancient One‘s Left, They left behind the Watcher’s and the Guardian’s. Lets start with Sasquatch, Yeti or Bigfoot as he is better known as some type of Ape or Gorilla right. WRONG They started out as Giant 4 legged Feline Tiger looking Creatures ,There are pictures of such Creatures laying on Pillars Guarding the Sun Ships or Golden Cities the Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor is the best Known’. They have evolved to what we see today as walking Upright .

I like to call them Thunder Cats most have Evolved to Human Status as they are the Ones that Guard The Ancient Kings and Queen‘s to this day . But a few stayed in primitive Form to Guard certain area’s of the Earth , They are to Keep Humans and the Dark ones from settling in certain places for King Leo’s reasons. You will all find out why after the Return.

The Grey’s are a whole different story, they are Insectoid‘s from  Zeta Reticuli. The Zeta’s are trying to become Human Beings, When the Original Human evolution deal was made they were not even able to travel in space yet. So when they Arrived the Zeta’s have been allowed to Poach Human D.N.A. They think they are being allowed to catch up with us the modern Human Beings . The problem is their Souls are not strong enough to run a full size Human body ,Plus they are missing the most important ingredient LOVE.  A Human must be conceived out of love and a Child needs a Mother not a test tube that’s why their Hybrid race is Sick and dying . Plus their biggest mistake was working with Pindar L.M.A.O… 1st they made Deal’s with the Nazi’s for Rocket and Other technology then with the MAJESTIC 13. At least they gave you the Internet LOL… and that is why any of this was allowed to take place. It is the Thunder-cat‘s that shot down the space craft in Roswell New Mexico. The Humans at Area 51 were allowed to back engineer the Insectoid’s Shuttle disk.  King Leo Loves it when a plan comes together lol…

  The Black Eyed Children

I have heard stories about black-eyed Children knocking on people’s door’s and asking to be let in and that it won’t take long. Most of the People that this happens to are usually have government Supervisor or Management  jobs. We only have these Reports from People that did NOT let them in so we really don’t know what happens to the poor dumb Bastards that let them in . My best guess is that the Black Eyed Children are actually Adult human Insectoid hybrids and that they want to use these People to gain access to Top Secret Government agency’s. They might be able to control the Minds of these people or maybe just borrow their Keys and Security cards for a couple of hours ‘ Missing Time Anybody. ?  I will keep an eye on this story and see if anything New pops up.

Part II

All the People missing in National Parks

I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and they had a Bigfoot Hunter on that wrote a couple of Books about missing people in the Nat. Parks . I did not know that hundreds of people have disappeared under unexplained circumstances .It does fit in with my theory

There are a few children that were missing for Days and said a Bear carried them off into the Forest. Then cuddled with them and kept them warm and Fed them. That doesn’t sound like any Bear I have ever heard of. I think these primitive Thunder Cat‘s knew the Grey Insectoid’s were in the area looking to Poach some human D.N.A. and hid these children from either Human Mutilation or worse. they might have even been protecting them from Pindar’s C.I.A. Pedophile squads. These are the Monsters kidnapping children for their Satanic Sacrifice Ritual’s. Most of the children these Evil Satanic Cults use are bred specifically for use in these Ritual’s. Most of the Women who give Birth to these baby’s do not know what is going to happen to them , They just think they are using a Private Adoption Agency and the Children are going to Wealthy Homes. What the Mothers don’t know is none of these children have Birth Certificates and know one knows that they ever existed.   I am pretty sure that is what was going on with Coach Carl Sandusky and Penn. State University. Isn’t it funny how the Head Coach was forced in to Retirement then Died a couple of months Later. This had to be a Pedophile Ring operating Nationwide. May God have mercy on their Souls.


King Jesus of the Leo Constellation the Galactic Ruler and his Cities of Gold


Puma Punku GateThis is the Gate of Puma Punku.

Today I noticed something fascinating compare the images on both sides of the King Leo Gate on the left, and the Photo of a U.F.O. below  taken in Israel in 1996 which appeared over a 3 day period. U.F.O over Israel in 1996Both appear to be the same this is more proof I am right about my Theories on King Leo being the Name of the First God and creating the Modern Human Race.


We all know the story of the birth of the baby Jesus or do we.  I believe the Wise Men of the Magi knew the Truth about the Zodiac Kings and were waiting for the North Star to make its appearance the Magi knew of the Sun Ship and what to look for . I believe the story of the Virgin Mary is True.

God needed a pure and Clean Woman to Artificially  Inseminate the Final version of the Human Race. The Zodiac King beamed her up to the Sun Ship and Impregnated her with King Leo and Queen Andromeda son’s soul, Whom we now call Jesus. The Magi had heard about the Virgin Conception and Knew to look skyward knowing the Sun Ship would be the brightest Star in the Sky when it was time for the Messiah’s Birth and that’s how they found the Manger right on time.    King Leo was now known as Zeus he was A Giant about 10 feet tall and getting Old and soon to die but God’s don’t die they just upgrade their old Body’s.

At this time I believe Leo and Andromeda started out as Giant Intelligent Lions from Lira  traveled through the Milky Way Galaxy and made alliances with the other  Zodiac Kings and Mixed their D.N.A with the others and became Winged Lions by the time of Jesus the Zodiac Kings had transformed many times already I think King Jesus and his son Jesus had done this same thing before as Zeus and Apollo . I think King Zeus’s Giant body was getting Old and worn out , and being a True King and leader knew he had to be the first of the Ancient Ones to Try out the new human Model . King Zeus must have been in Orbit on his Sun-ship around the Earth and was about to die.

That’s when Jesus headed to Jerusalem and Tore up the Jewish Temple plus he was 33 years old and knew it was time for the transition.

 Talk about timing being everything, when the Centurion Stabbed Jesus in the right lower chest it was non fatal but it got Jesus off the cross. He must have been barely alive when he was wrapped in linen and Mir and put in the tomb. At that point Jesus and King Zeus both died. Jesus went to Heaven in the Sun to do a Tour as a Sun God managing souls ever since . That’s when Jesus’s body was beamed up to the Sun Ship and repaired.

That’s when the Soul of the Galactic Ruler went into Jesus’s body and then he was revived. I believe his name was now  King Jesus of the Leo Constellation , The Galactic Ruler. He  was the One  witnessed after the death of Jesus. So when the Ancient One’s return It may just be an Older Wiser Jesus that returns. We can only Hope .

The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost

woodcutThis Woodcut is from a battle witnessed by thousands of people in the late 15th Century in Europe. I believe the Sun face Orb on the front of the Sun-ship is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has it’s own Portable Soul Ship which is attached to the Front of the Sun-ship. Only the Holy Ghost can communicate with the Son Jesus the Christ in our sun and the other Sun God’s in other Solar Systems. This is how King Jesus can transfer Messages to the Sun Gods which manage which Souls in their perspective get to Incarnate and when and where this is how everything is planned. 

The photo below is Crop Circle left in Avery England July 25th 2012 I believe this is top view on King Jesus’s Sun-ship   

Sun Ship

Sun Ship

It has been said by many Mediums that we chose our parent’s this only partly true The Sun God Jesus Christ will let you view several different parents to chose from and you think is your choice, but in truth all the parents you are allowed to view will give you the same type of life no matter which one you choose. Like I have been saying Karma controls every outcome . You only think you choose your parents we all have things to learn and Mission’s to accomplish.  We must complete our current Mission’s or there will be a horrible price to pay. Either Jesus will bring you home and send someone else to complete your mission or make it hurt until you comply  so if you get a calling to help the betterment of mankind you had better do it or you will regret it maybe for Eternity. On the bright side Eternity in Hell is only a couple of minutes earth time. It just seems like an Eternity lol…

    At this point King Leo is a title more than his real name. I believe the Father  the Son and the Holy ghost are able to switch positions. I get bored doing the same job for 8 years, can you imagine doing the same job for eternity that would get old quick.

   I have rediscovered an Ancient Secret.  Earth is not a lonely  Planet in the middle of nowhere like we have all been taught. Our Sun is the Head in the Leo Star System if you know anything about the Zodiac’s Leo is missing its Head . Did you know Leonid and many other of our Meteor Showers are from the Lyra star system in the Leo Constellation. Why would we be getting meteor showers from  the Leo star system every year if we weren’t already in the Leo constellation. In other words our Earth is the center of the Galaxy in the Leo star system. Everyone in the Galaxy is watching and waiting for us to return to our Home planets and  bring the  human race to the stars.

 We are the newest Model of Humans its wasn’t easy to squeeze the Ancient Ones Giant Souls in to these Tiny Bodies but we did it. The Philistines were the Last of the giants. As you Know King David finished them off like he was supposed too. We have been getting stronger as a race ever since.

Unfortunately Pindar and Lilith have been able to run Rough Shot on this planet on and off for the last 5000 years but their time is almost up.

Our Heaven is in the Sun and that is where Jesus manages all Souls . He decides who comes, and who goes and what lessons need to be learned. Remember people die  constantly so Jesus is always getting updates on what’s  happening down here and everything is being recorded. This is a time for everyone to prove their leadership abilities using Intelligence to uphold the 10 commandments . We have a great opportunity now , Pindar and Lilith have created Hell on earth, this is our time to show that we have learned something over the past 5000 years. I don’t know about you but I do not want to disappoint God , King Jesus or the Son Jesus. Jesus is able to keep King Jesus Informed of everything Major that happens here on earth. King Jesus has 200 watchers and  others here, but that is for another Blog. But I can tell you we will not be allowed to destroy ourselves no matter how hard Pindar and Lilith try.

Some have heard of the Golden City coming down from the Heaven’s. Well that is exactly what’s coming .  King Jesus’s Sun ship and all the Transports will be landing at all the Ancient sites to bring  everyone home to their Own zodiac .

more to be revealed soon

Barry and Hillary Lied after an Ambassador and Navy Seal’s Died



It has been discovered that the Obama Administration Declared War on Conservatives way back on April 15, 2009. That was the same day the Tea Party had their very first Protest’s Nationwide.

Chapter II Let the scandals begin

The I.R.S decided to Finally Apologize to the TEA PARTY for sabotaging their chances to put up a candidate for President and saving our country from Bankruptcy and collapse. But really according to EX Sec.of State and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton


We found out today that over 500 Tea Party Organizations were turned down for Tax Exempt status since 2010 while during the same time line there were no Liberal Democrat Organizations  turned down. It was also discovered that all the top Romney donors were also Audited.

After All the I.R.S. will be running Obama-care. Obama put a little Fascist named Ms Sarah Ingram in charge of running the whole Obama-care operation. God help us.

The Next day there were calls to have Sarah Ingram fired, I want her thrown in Federal Prison for life. She is guilty of Treason.

The first complaints about the I.R.S. came in 2011 but nobody cared until the Benghazi Whistle-blowers  had Congressional Hearings on capital hill.

Maybe you heard about the C.I.A. or maybe the F.B.I. was collecting E-Mails on Associated.Press Reporters. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of Brainwashed Tools..

There is much more to come. But for now all we can do is Link Valarie Jarrett to all these Scandals  because she is the one that tells Barrack Hussein Obama what ans when to do it. Oh well all the Fun will be in getting there if I remember Watergate and the Iran – Contra Affair took years to develop. The only problem is we do not have years, Our freedom is being diminished on a daily basis.

In Honor of the 3 Whistle blowers that are Testifying today this is my feature story this week. I am sure the Cover-up will continue.

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clint...

English: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan National Security Adviser Mutassim Qadhafi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going to let this story stew a little until I found out the Congressional Investigation was being put off until after the Presidential Election. That is not fair to the American People , plus I heard some new information that really disturbed me so I thought I would disturb everyone else.

I had heard stories of Gun Running between Libya and the Syrian Rebels which are just more of the Muslim Brotherhood spreading Sharia law.

This is what the Obama War Room should have looked like on the Evening of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack, but nobody knows where President Barrack Hussein Obama was ? So where was Barry and what was he doing ?

Question # 2 Why didn’t Hillary Clinton Increase Security when Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for it in August ? in fact the State dept. cut security. The biggest Question is Who gave the Stand down order during the Attack ? I know the General in charge of Libya relayed the Order to stand down but someone in the White-house had to be the one giving the order. It was Barry Obama or Valarie Jarret over stepping her Authority. The whistle blowers had no way to know whom gave the orders. Why is the State Dept. allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to spread Sharia Law throughout the middle east and soon the world if Barack H. Obama gets re Elected but I digress. As you can tell  I wrote this as it happened Barry Won .

This is the whole story as I see it. After Obama and the U.N armed the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya then overthrew Muammar Gaddafi and sodomized the Old Lizard and Killed him , couldn’t have happened to a nicer Guy.

The New C.I.A. Chief General Petraeus and Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton came up with this elaborate plan to get the guns out of Libya and up to Syrian Rebels . It involved moving the Libyan Rebels Weapons up to Syria  and trading the Blind Sheik for Ambassador Chris Stevens . I do not think things worked out as planned.

I believe Amb. Stevens was involved in arming the Rebels which made him plenty of enemies in Libya . Just before the attack he had dinner with the Turkish Ambassador and something went horribly wrong or this was supposed to be a simple kidnapping of Chris Stevens . Speculation is Amb. Stevens either knew of the plan OR was going to blow the whistle on the Gun running operation , This would not be the first time something went wrong with a secret C.I.A. Gun running operation ,remember Fast and Furious . The Blaze is the first to report on this I think they were working on the Gun running operation when the Benghazi Consulate attack happened so it did take the Libyan gunrunning operation off the front burner. FOX News is doing a great job on reporting on this but I think everyone is afraid to find out the details just think of all the People that could go to Jail starting with Barry Obama , Hillary Clinton , General Petraeus and that is just for starters . Here are a few Questions that had better be asked by the Media . #1 Who told U.N Ambassador Susan Rice to go on 5 Sunday talk shows and Lie about some stupid Video that no one has ever seen . #2 Who from the C.I.A. told the Seals  to stand down at the Libyan Annex. #3 Who came up with that Lame Video excuse. Blood is in the water this really is fun watching this regime squirm its just to bad 4 people had to die to help save Obama’s reelection.

Update 11/10/2012

This story just keeps getting better and better ,Since  first got on this story Hillary Clinton has resigned, Susan Rice has gone in to hiding Eric Holder said he wants to resign and Today General Petraeus has resigned over some Bullshit Affair LOL….

The reason I am updating this today is because I am expecting Ex C.I.A. director Gen. Petraeus is going to end up Dead before he gets a chance to testify before the Benghazi Congressional Trials. I am sure he is the one that told those Seals to Stand down but Who  gave Him the Orders President Barry Obama perhaps. If Petraeus ends up dead that will verify everything I have said here

Update 11/12/2012

As you have all heard General David Petraeus Mistress Paula is being Searched by the F.B.I. tonight. This just keeps getting better the plot thickens .

I now think Paula Broadwell is what David Icke would call a Presidential Model. They send these Girls and Women in to tempt Politicians and Now Generals to have Sex with them. These Girls have handlers that give them the Orders on who to seduce but all the evidence is handed over to Pindar and Lilith AKA George H.W. Bush and his Wife Ma-Bush  These Two have Dirt pretty much on every Leader in the World  , Now that’s how Evil Runs a Planet through Fear and Blackmail.

Gen. Petraeus was blackmailed in to Telling the world that the Benghazi Attack was because of that Stupid Video ,that no one has seen.  I bet Paula Broadwell had evidence in her house that would prove this and THAT is the reason the F.B.I. is ransacking her House this evening lets just keep watching and collecting evidence of our own . If anybody know Paula’s handler they could blow the Top off of this story.

Update 11/16/2012

Gen. David Petraeus lived long enough to testify to Congress today and Confirmed he was just following Barry Obama’s Talking points when he spoke out on 9/14/2012 surprise, surprise.

Now it’s time to announce the Real Brain’s behind this whole Benghazi Video cover – up …. Drum-roll  please ………………………………………………………………………………………

And the Winner is Valerie Jarrett . She is Obama’s top Adviser and also the one that is having secret behind the scenes meetings with the Iranian’s Nuclear disarmament talks’ This one evil Bitch she is also the one that sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on those 5 Sunday Talk Shows . Now I want  You all to remember

You heard it here first.

Update May 6th 2013

Israel was been bombing Damascus Syria this week to stop Iranian Missiles from Reaching Lebanon and Hezbollah. I think it is funny Hilary Clinton was running a Gun running operation out of the Benghazi Embassy up to the Islāmic Terrorist’s in Syria while at the same time Iran is Running Missiles through Syria to arm Islāmic Hezbollah to attack Israel from the Gaza Strip. The Muslims are playing all sides. We had better be getting ready because after World War-III starts it wont be safe anywhere in the world I bet the Chechen Rebel attack in Boston could also have a Link to this story.  I will keep watching and adding to this story accordingly. I might be able to write a whole book before this story is over.

Light Warrior’s Report 10 / 10 / 2012

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


U.N. Ambassador Ann Rice getting Order’s from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton

Benghazi Embassy Burning

Today in Congress ,Members Grilled State Department Heads on Who Ordered the Removal of Two Security Teams of 7 Soldiers each from the Benghazi Embassy of course we did not get any answers. This story will be bigger then the Watergate break In and trial.

This story proves how much the Obama Administration has been Outright Lying to the American People. On this story alone 14 Military Guards were removed in August in spite of Ambassador Chris Stevens Begging to keep the few Guards they had at the Embassy. Hillary Clinton is the One in charge of the state Department so SHE is the one responsible for the MURDER of the Four Americans Killed in Libyan Embassy . I am really hoping Barry Obama throws her under the Bus just like he Killed Chris Stevens .

Just Imagine all the other lies the U.S. Government is telling us ,Here’s a few I can think of right off the top.

The Real unemployment Rate is 14.9 % not the 7.9 % they are selling us.

The Stimulus bill is for Shovel; Ready Jobs , Not to pad the Pension Plans of all the Government Unions.

I’m going to close GIT-MO. another lie.

I’m going to unite the American People , Unless you are Rich or White or a Tea Party Member or in the Military .

These are just a few of His or Their Lies. I wonder who is going to Stab the other in the back First Hillary Clinton or Barrack Hussein Obama  LOL…

Please everyone add all other Lies you can think of in the Comments or Re-blog section.